Letter of Authorization Request Procedures


Procedures and principles for evaluation of proposed/required modifications and/or alterations of the original SportCruiser aircraft (“SC aircraft”) approved design and specification.


This page contains principles and procedures for handling the requests/proposals of SC aircraft owners/operators for modifications and/or alterations of the original design and approved specification of their SC aircraft.

It is the ultimate objective of Czech Sport Aircraft a.s. (“CSA”), being the OEM of SC aircraft and Cruiser Aircraft Inc. (“CAI”), being the exclusive U.S. importer of SC aircraft, to support the SC aircraft owners/operators by receiving and evaluating their requests for changes/modifications on their SC aircraft and creating and issuing the corresponding Letter of Authorization (“LOA”) as and when possible.

The request form referred to herein has been designed to give us all the information we need in order to evaluate whether the proposed/requested change/modification can be made on your aircraft, while still maintaining continued airworthiness, a high standard of operational safety, approved design and performance specifications and compliance with relevant regulations. Information required in the form include:


  • SC aircraft owner name and address
  • Aircraft serial number and registration
  • Aircraft current specification (type of propeller, list of avionics installed, type of nose landing gear installed)
  • Airframe total time since new
  • Engine and propeller total time since new/since overhaul
  • Current empty weight and balance
  • Any previously performed LOAs, client’s modifications, service bulletins, etc.
  • Copy of the current equipment list
  • Description of requested/proposed modifications


Over 650 units of SC aircraft have been already produced and CSA has been and is spending utmost efforts to support the entire fleet of SC aircraft in over 30 countries all around the world. Upgrades and improvements of both older and newly produced aircraft have been taking place on an ongoing basis. Owing to that, it needs to be understood that any request for change/modification of a particular SC aircraft always requires due consideration and evaluation by CSA engineering. A change that may be easily made on one aircraft may involve significant modification of another aircraft or may not even be possible. One of the most important issues that has to be always taken into account when evaluating a request for modification is to comply with the aircraft empty weight and C.G. limits as per the applicable LSA regulations.

The procedure for applying for LOA approval is the following:


  1. Download and print the LOA request form from CAI website and fill out all the required information http://cruiseraircraft.com/letter-of-authorization
  2. Submit the properly filled out form to: loa@cruiseraircraft.com
  3. The processing fee for the LOA request is $175. The customer will be contacted by CAI to make payment for this amount in order to have the request processed (“Processing Fee”).
  4. Upon receipt of a duly filled request form an estimate of the time needed for the request evaluation and cost of such evaluation (“Evaluation Fee”) will be provided by CAI to the customer. The estimate shall reflect labor rate at $100/hour. When the Evaluation Fee is accepted by the customer and paid in full to CAI, the request evaluation will be processed and result of the evaluation will be provided to the customer. In the event the request is rejected, the customer will be supplied with reasoning for such decision.
  5. When the event request is granted, the customer shall receive quotation (including lead time estimate) for elaborating and issuing the requested LOA (“LOA Fee”)
  6. Once the quotation is accepted by the customer and payment of the agreed cost is received by CAI in full, the request shall be put into queue at CSA’s engineering department and presented to the customer upon completion, within the agreed lead time.


In the event a request has already been approved and performed for another customer and can be easily applied to other aircraft, the minimum amount to be charged for application on such other aircraft will be the one-time fee of $175. Such situations may mean that the first customer that placed and paid for such a request must accept and acknowledge that he has covered the cost for other customers as well, except for one-time Evaluation fee.

Note: If a request is granted and the customer accept to pay the LOA Fee, any Processing Fee and Evaluation Fee shall be deducted from the total of the LOA Fee.


Download LOA Form Here



Properly filled out requests for a LOA evaluation can be addressed to:


Cruiser Aircraft Inc.

214 Airport Drive East,

Sebastian, FL 32958