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The Cruiser Training Academy?


The Cruiser Training Academy, or CTA, was developed to help flight schools initiate a new training program to take students from zero flight experience to commercial pilots using the very economical SportCruiser.


The Cruiser Training Academy is worth learning about for a lot of great reasons. Here are 3…
    • The CTA is a turnkey style program designed to help your flight school make more money by getting the most out of a very economical airplane.
    • This program provides everything you need to start training right away: maneuver checklists, standardization manuals, even integrated scheduling software.
    • It’s designed around the technologically advanced SportCruiser, an airplane that can easily provide in excess of $100 per hour gross profit!*
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*Many factors are used in determining this value. Every scenario is different, let’s talk about your situation and how the SportCruiser can help you.