The SportCruiser on the Flight Line

Old vs. New


Were you simply too busy running your flight school and training the next generation of pilots to make it to Sebring, FL for the US Sport Aviation Expo? Don’t worry, you did miss a great show, but… we got you covered. We invited Mike from the famed MojoGrip to visit Cruiser Aircraft at our home in Sebastian, FL a few days before the event in Sebring.

Mike came down and did an amazing job reviewing the SportCruiser and also providing some fantastic content about the use of a Light Sport Airplane, like the SportCruiser, in flight training.

You have heard how useful and economical the SportCruiser is, correct? Well a lot of people are just learning this now, they are also learning just how much they can do with a SportCruiser in the training environment. Come find out more and separate yourself from the most common misconceptions about light sport airplanes and why your flight school should be using them full time.

See Mike’s interview with our very own Josh Scheid, the Sales and Marketing Manager for Cruiser Aircraft, as he touches on some of the best parts about the SportCruiser and the LSA category. Learn how the SportCruiser is paving the way for the next generation of training aircraft. Josh gives a thorough overview on how the SportCruiser can be a money-making asset for every flight school.

Would you consider it an advantage if your school could charge less and have brand new, modern airplanes on your flight line? Click on the video below to watch and learn more. Want more information on the SportCruiser, feel free to contact us here.

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