The QuattroCruiser aircraft is the latest model of the Czech Sport Aircraft light aircraft family.
It represents new modern philosophy in design of universal and complex light aircraft.
The QuattroCruiser is primarily intended and designed for advanced flight training, pilot skills improvement and air travelling. The aircraft shall be certified for VFR and IFR flights according to the CS.23 and FAR.23 certification standards.
The QuattroCruiser is an all-metal, four seat (2+2), low-wing monoplane with retractable tricycle landing gear.
Two variants of power unit will be available:

  • well proven Lycoming TEO-540 or
  • newly designed UL Power i520.

In combination with in flight adjustable MT propeller the power unit shall provide excellent flight characteristics.
The QuattroCruiser aircraft shall be equipped either with glass cockpit avionics
or conventional analogue flight instruments.

Dimensions and Weight:

Wingspan: 10.4 m (34.12 ft)
Length: 7.58 m (24.87 ft)
Height: 2.75 m (9.00 ft)
Empty weight: 480 kg (1,058 lbs)*
560 kg (1,235 lbs)
MTOW: 1,000 kg (2,205 lbs)


Engine: Lycoming TEO-540-B1A for IFR operation
UL Power 520i for VFR operation
Power: 350/ 200* HP
Propeller: MT Propeller MTV-12-D-174


Cruise speed: 149 KIAS (275 km/h)
135 KIAS (250 km/h)*
Max. horizontal speed: 170 KIAS (315 km/h)
154 KIAS (285 km/h)*
Climb rate: 1,791 fpm (9.1 m/s)
886 fpm (4.5 m/s)*
Range: 486 NM (900 km)* with 30 min. reserve
Endurance: 3 hours 40 min*

*values for UL Power 520i engine