U.S. Sport Aviation Expo 2018 has begun

US Sport Aviation Expo has begun, and the Cruiser Aircraft team is in place and off to a fantastic start here in Sebring, FL. Wednesday, the first day, began with a bang… Lots and lots of attendees flocked to our location to see the fantastic SportCruiser. The weather was perfect and so was our booth, we introduced the Cruiser Aircraft portable hangar here at Sebring… It was a huge hit, everyone loved it!

Such great interest for the SportCruiser was shown and we had an outstanding time providing 8 demo flights of the SportCruiser to those that were interested in learning how amazing the SportCruiser flies. Day two of the Expo is shaping up to be just as successful and we are looking forward to seeing all those that are planning to attend. Please be sure to come by and visit the Cruiser Aircraft location at both P301 and P302.