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The SportCruiser is a two seat, all-fun, low-wing airplane with the latest in avionics and safety features. This fantastic airplane is used for personal flying and flight training in more than 30 countries all around the world. Over 600 SportCruisers have been manufactured, making the SportCruiser one of the most successful airplanes in the Light Sport Aircraft category. If you are looking for a fun to fly, safe and durable plane for your flight school or your personal collection it’s time to learn more about the SportCruiser.   Want to schedule a demo flight? Would you like a quote for multiple airplanes for flight training at your flight school? Please feel free to contact us or simply provide your info and we will be sure to contact you very soon.


The SportCruiser is equipped with the most innovative safety features in aviation today. Having the BRS Airframe Parachute System paired with the most modern avionics allows the SportCruiser to be recognized as one of the safest airplanes in the LSA category.

Low Cost

Cost of operation represent one of the biggest factors in the decision-making process of any new aircraft purchase. The new generation SportCruiser has the lowest operational costs in its class and can provide considerable benefits to flight school operations when compared to older or different categories of aircraft.


Thanks to the all-metal structure, precisely selected materials, and modern engineering that goes into the production of the SportCruiser, make this aircraft an extremely solid and reliable airplane. The SportCruiser is an airplane that is perfectly suited for either the high frequency of use of the flight training market, or for the perfect personal airplane.


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